Our Approach

The easy part about PPC is setting up and launching a campaign. The hard part is ensuring you get your money's worth. The price of PPC keywords is rising by the day. And the competition is becoming more intense. The only way you can achieve your PPC campaign objectives and get the desired ROI on your advertising spends is by following a proven PPC approach . The EastBright approach combines rigor and creativity to deliver higher levels of ROI at lower costs. Our delivery methodology has proven successful across all PPC platforms.

Our pay per click approach is divided into four well-defined steps: 


In PPC campaign, there is no one-size-fits-all strategy. Each customer is unique and has different objectives and goals. Thus every campaign has to be uniquely customized. EastBright team puts in a lot of upfront effort to understand a customer's business context, marketing and strategic objectives from the PPC campaign, and the competitive landscape in the customer's business domain. This phase involves the following activities:


. Understanding end-customer and their information needs 

. Understanding target markets and geographies 

. Analysis of and learning's from existing PPC accounts and campaigns (if any) 

. Definition of short-term and long-term campaign objectives; and success metrics 

. Finalization of budgets 

. Analysis and finalization of reporting needs 

. Understanding regulatory requirements, if any 

. Finalization of campaign strategy 



In this phase, we first set up and refine day-to-day campaign implementation processes. And then begin the all important keyword research and discovery process. Keyword research is a complex process and involves using a variety of tools to discover keywords that are most valuable for your business and those that will deliver the highest ROI within your specified budget. The keywords are then mapped to landing pages that are most likely to convert visitors. Tracking and reporting tools are also identified and put in place.


The activities in this phase include:

. Set-up of day-to-day processes 

. Keyword discovery and first-level estimates 

. Analysis of keywords for estimated impressions, clicks and conversions 

. Landing page mapping and optimization 

. Implementation of tracking and reporting tools 



In this phase, we set up the account, fund the campaign, bid for the keywords, write the copy, create the ad groups and text ads, and pilot a campaign. We track the campaign from the minute it goes live, and keep optimizing it on the fly. The results from the pilot campaign are tested and analyzed by our team of PPC specialists and set the tone for how the campaign will evolve. If the campaign is for a customer who has an existing PPC account, we compare the results of the new campaign with data from previous campaigns. 


This phase involves:

. Opening of PPC account 

. Keyword acquisition and set up (segregated into different ad groups based on logical 

. categories) 

. Copy writing and text ad set up and mapping of keywords to different ads 

. Tracking and analysis of results 

. Strategic recommendations based on the pilot experience

The pilot is used to gain a deeper understanding into searcher behavior, zero in on keywords that deliver maximum conversions and ROI, fine-tune copy and ads, tweak landing pages and take the campaign into steady state. 



Every campaign generates a significant amount of data. Our analytics team periodically slices and dices this data to spot trends (based on time of day, geography, network etc), pick out performing keywords and ads; weed out non-performers, improve conversions, manage budgets, and constantly improve the campaign performance.