Is Your Business Ready for the Shopping Season?

 The shopping season is right around the corner. To get you ready to drive more demand for your business, we at EastBright Marketing have prepared the following checklist to get your digital marketing program ready for the season.

This is the best time of the year, but it could be stressful for both business owners and customers.

Remember that having a process in place is only the first step. To set aside time and execute the plan is what gets you ahead in the season and reduce stress level.

Here are the things you should check:

1.       Website

  • Does your website content reflect the seasonal changes? do you have special offers posted on the homepage, and make it easier to navigate?
  • Can customers easily find contact information such as phone number, email address and driving directions to your business location? Keep in mind; they will be in a rush to get things done, so anything you can do to help ease the pain will get you business.
  • Is your website mobile-ready? A major change from 2014 shopping season. This year mobile dominates our lives which include shopping. Can they easily see the content on their smartphone? Product, contact info, and phone number? Go ahead and test it on your own mobile phone, and ask yourself, if I were the customer, would I be able to find information easily?
  • Does the website load fast enough or is it too slow?  The network is probably going to overload with online activities. Make sure your website is optimized for speed.

2.       Social Media

  • Knowing that people may share shopping/product ideas with friends and families on social media such as Facebook, do you have the most updated information that can easily being shared, and linking your facebook page  to your website?
  • How about putting seasonal offers clearly on the website and allow customers to call you directly from the social media page?
  • Posting your holiday hours and special offers directly on your Facebook page.

3.       Email Marketing

  • Send gift ideas, and coupons to the people who subscribed to your email list.
  • The email template needs to be mobile centric to provide a seamless cross-device experience
  • Email template should have social buttons for people to share ideas, special deals, etc
  • Separate existing customers from prospective customers and tailor messages appropriately to ensure higher open rate
  • Schedule email sending time to optimize open rate.  Desktop friendly emails are open mostly at lunch hours, while mobile friendly ones peak in the evening time.

4.       Google Campaigns

  • Google Adwords allows you to capture search traffic relevant to your business, drive it to your website,  phone and physical store, and convert theminto customers.
  • If you are current running Adwords Campaigns, it’s time to adjust your daily and monthly budget to accommodate increased search volume during the season.
  • If you aren’t set up on Adwords, but would like to get it up and running, we can help. You can get your campaign running in a few days before the season starts.

Call or contact us today to set up your campaign this or next week.

Bottom line is, now is the time to check and make sure everything is in place for your business.

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